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Re: Windows XP, inetd, and procmail, fetchmail, and mutt

On 1/18/2002 5:56 PM, Kent Perrier wrote:

> To the best of my ability, I have.  It looks to me that the MUA has to 
> call ssmtp to send an email.  It cannot run as a daemon, on port 25, to 
> accept connections from MUAs.  The man page says the -bd option is 
> unsupported and my experience from running it on the command line is it 
> does not work.  It gives the error you cut out of my previous email.
> If it doesn't work please tell me.  If it does, please point me to a 
> post to the mailing list that describes how to make it work.  The 
> experience that I have had with ssmtp (from reading the man page) is not 
> positive.
> Kent

Ok, so it appears that ssmtp will not run in daemon mode.  Besides the 
NT apps blat or IIS, is there an smtp server that runs under cygwin?

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