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Perl TK Fails to Build

A download of Tk800.023 from Perl archive using  RedHat Dist of Perl 
5.6.1 bombs in build
on my Pentium 200Mhz/ Win 2000 machine.   A plain build ;  perl 
Makefile.PL ; make dies in compling
WinClient.c because X11/Xlib.h is undefined..   A compile using perl 
Makefile.PL x after following cygwin
installation script for XFree86 compiles but fails numerous acceptance 
tests so I stopped looking at
compilation.   Finally a link not provided from /usr/include/X11 
/usr/X11R6/include/X11 when put
in goes further with original build but dies after numerous waringings 
about redefinitions etc.   The
"Perl Porter"  or some such who built this originally clains to be able 
to build both ways.   Please advise
as to what might be going on.   Evidently there is some version 
problem??   Does anybody know how
to investigate thiis and how to proceed?

Michael Cohen
Work: 677 Beacon, Street, Rm313 Boston, Mass 02115
Home: 25 Stearns Rd, #3 Brookline, Mass 02146
Tel-Work: 617-353-9484

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