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Re: [RFD]: Changing datatypes for uid_t/gid_t

At 01:27 PM 1/21/2002, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>We have three possible data sizes:
>- 16 bit.  Don't touch anything.  Advantage: Nothing to do for us,
>   no compatibility problems at all.
>- 32 bit.  Coincidentally equal to sizeof int and sizeof long.
>   Advantage:  Should even work with older software which often
>   silently assume that a uid/gid can be stored in a int.
>- 64 bit.  Advantage: Since the RIDs used in Windows are just
>   32 bit, one could create uids/gids with using the upper 32 bit
>   of the uid/gid as a domain/server identifier, e.g.
>   locadmin:10000000500:544:...
>   fooadmin:20000000500:544:...

I'd recommend going with the size that is the same as uid/gid on other
UNIX systems.  I guess that puts me in the 32 bit camp.

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