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Re: textmode broken in cygwin 1.3.6 and greater?

At 08:35 AM 1/21/2002, wrote:
>I've been using Cygwin for a long time now (pre b19) but have just had
>occasion to do a fresh install on a couple of machines. I've installed with
>default textmode mounts ... but vi et al suddenly don't seem to be adding
>CRLF line endings. Redirected i/o (e.g. cat > foo.txt) is fine but ed,
>vi(m), and others just don't want to play.
>I've tried this with both 1.3.6 and 1.3.7-1 (haven't tried 1.3.8 yet) on
>both Win 2k and XP.
>I can't believe that no-one else would have found this, so maybe I've done
>something stupid -- unless this is an artefact of doing a fresh install
>rather than an upgrade. I can't test that because one of the reasons for a
>fresh install is that my machine got trashed and had to be rebuilt :-(
>Anyway, any insight gratefully received.
>         Neil


mount modes are default indicators when a not-so-properly ported program
reads or writes a file.  Just because a directory is mounted a particular
way does not mean that a program cannot read/write a file there using some
alternate mode.  I'm sure this is the reason that you're seeing what
you're seeing.  As far as vim is concerned, you can set it to write 
either UNIX text mode (same as UNIX binary mode) or Windows text files
by setting fileformat.  See the vim help for more on this.

Very few programs (only notepad and certain constructs in files used with
VC++) have any problems reading binary files, in case you weren't aware
of this fact.

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