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Re: wildcard for tcsh

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 03:50:47PM -0800, Tom Broadbent wrote:
>well if the truth be known...
>in the begining i didn't even *know* what 'mailing list archives' to
>look through.  my response to mr.  Pavel Tsekov was a personal email,
>meant to be taken light heartedly, and was, incidentally, a form of a
>'thank-you' for his answer to my question (see below).
>i agree that it is more effective to look through the already answered
>questions.  had i known *where* to start maybe i wouldn't have
>posted to this list!  i saw the '' email address
>*while* i was searching on 'google' trying to find an answer
>to the wildcard question... and supposed that someone in support over
>at cygwin would get it and respond.  i admit i was confused and sorely
>so i apologize *profusely* for wasting your time.
>again i thank mr. Tsekov for his answer (not for forwarding my response
>on to the rest of you on this list).
>and thank you mr Larry Hall for your correction.  i'll try much harder
>to be more courtious in the future.
>so unless someone else has a comment about this already very dead
>horse, i'll continue in peace the project that i was working on when i
>first had the question about wildcards.

Well, I have to ask an obvious question.  Where did you get cygwin?
Didn't you get it from the cygwin web site?  I'm asking because pointers
to the cygwin mailing lists are plastered all over the place there and
the web site would be the obvious first place to stop for information
on cygwin.

If you didn't get cygwin from the web site, then I'm very curious as to
where you did get it.

Please do not send me personal email with cygwin questions.
Use the resources at .

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