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Re: wildcard for tcsh

of course i got it from the cygwin website.  originally when i installed
cygwin i searched google to figure out an interesting *feature*
of the login program (specifically that you can't use it to change
users) AND i searched google a bunch to figure out the whole
passwd file and win2K problem which i haven't ironed out fully.
the answers i got were from the mailing list but i figured google
would pull out anything the search on the mailing list would...

so...  i overlooked searching the mailing lists.  call it a rookie error.

i thought '' was customer service!!

but you're right - the website says, right up in the corner... 'Mailing

oh well.  learn something new every day.

> Well, I have to ask an obvious question.  Where did you get cygwin?
> Didn't you get it from the cygwin web site?  I'm asking because pointers
> to the cygwin mailing lists are plastered all over the place there and
> the web site would be the obvious first place to stop for information
> on cygwin.
> If you didn't get cygwin from the web site, then I'm very curious as to
> where you did get it.
> cgf
> --
> Please do not send me personal email with cygwin questions.
> Use the resources at .

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