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New setup.exe snapshot

I've uploaded a new preview of setup.exe.

This is the first feature-complete setup.exe for the next setup release.

Main changes from the current released setup.exe:
* Support for multiple mirror sites (use Ctrl-Click).
* A Wizard style interface.
* Hierarchical categories can be clicked on - which allows installation
of everything.
* Improved 'src' handling - should be less confusing.
* Resizable columns in the chooser.
* Skip/Keep show consistently in the chooser.

Any and all testing/feedback is needed. Wishlist items will go to the
wishlist as usual :}.

When sending feedback, please take a few moments to check that no-one
has reported the same item already - items will NOT be rated on
popularity, but rather on severity. If statistics on occurence are
needed, I will email the list specific questions. This guideline is
because has (last I asked) over 2000 subscribers, and
thus volume can be an issue :}.

(Wearing the Volunteer setup.exe maintainer Hat)

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