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Re: RPC and NFS port for cygwin

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 05:01:13PM +0800, Rico Juinio wrote:
> I have search high and low for a port of ONC/SUN RPC to cygwin.  Alas I can
> find only the ONCRPC port for Windows NT that does not even support
> compiling using gcc.  So I ported SUNRPC 4.0.  Its seems to be working
> however would anybody be interested in polishing this effort?  or maybe
> there is already a better cygwin RPC port?

Not that I'm aware of.

> PS. I also ported the userland NFS server.

And it works?  Are you willing to become package maintainer of
these packages for the Cygwin net distribution?  See for a discussion what to do.

> Next question, if an daemon emits message to syslogd does it go into the NT
> eventlog or is this true only for the cygwin.dll?

Calling the syslog(3) functions in a Cygwin application
doesn't use syslogd at all.  Actually, syslogd is pretty
useless in Cygwin which is the reason I ripped it out of
the inetutils binary package.

Calling syslog(3) functions emits always messages in the NT
event log on NT/2K/XP and always writes to C:\\CYGWIN_SYSLOG.TXT
on 9x/Me.


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