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Re: DLL And Visual Basic


sorry for the slightly off topic reply...
should be mingw32 stuff.. apologies.

>NB: Additionally I compile with -fnative-struct. I found no 
>documentation for this option (Could anybody explain?) but it is used 
>for the gtk-port and sounds good to me :-)

from Tor Lillqvist's gtk page:
"Using GTK+ in your own programs
In order to use the DLLs as distributed in programs you build yourself, you must use either gcc-2.95.2, or Microsoft Visual C++. See the README.win32 file in the GLib sources. With gcc, you should use the -mno-cygwin and -fnative-struct flags. Using any other gcc setup will not work. (Hint: struct field alignment. Hint 2: msvcrt.dll.) If you don't understand what I am talking about, forget it. "

did a little search.. not exactly informative,
but should be enough to avoid some weird bugs.




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