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Re: no output from net.exe

But if it's not just cygwin's subtree then that doesn't make sense to me.

Here's my reasoning:

Before installing cygwin, windows file permissions are correct.

After installing cygwin (with CYGWIN='ntea' as opposed to 'ntsec'),
windows file permissions should still be correct (and are).

Changing the system variable CYGWIN should not affect the way
windows sees file modes (outside of cygwin's subtree)... right ?

For example, if someone is changing the CYGWIN variable back
and forth between 'ntea' and 'ntsec', and changing file modes
accordingly (only in the cygwin subtree), then why do you say
that it doesn't matter what part of the filesystem i update.

Doing `ls /` in a cygwin shell doesn't show me what's inside c:\
I have to do `ls /cygdrive/c/` to view c:\
This leads me to believe that if I performed this recursion on
/ it would only affect the cygwin subtree (and not everything
below c:\).  [ BTW, /cygdrive doesn't appear in the output of
`ls /`, I can't even tab-complete "/cygdrive", I have to type
it out each time. ]

I'd have to perform the recursive mode changing (ntea -> ntsec)
on /cygdrive/c/ to get at the whole filesystem (which I think
is not necessary (but i need someone to confirm this)).

So if I currently have CYGWIN set to 'ntea', but I want to convert
to CYGWIN='ntsec', then which subtree of the filesystem should be
updated ?  Everything below c:\ or just what's below cygwin's root.

If I'm wrong about anything I've said, please correct me.

| On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 06:07:58PM -0500, Alex BATKO wrote:
| > Please confirm that this recursion only has to be done for cygwin's
| > subtree (from /), and not for the entire c:\ tree.
| As you like.  There's no rule.
| Corinna

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