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re: Error: couldn't make stderr distinct from stdout

>At 03:20 PM 1/22/2002, Adee Ran wrote:
>>I get the above error when running bash on a telnet session on Win2K. 
>That's a pity because the cmd shell is even more annoying than usual in 
>this case.
>>The only information I found about that is quite old:
>>in (Date: Tue, 
>19 Dec 2000 13:02:57 +0100 ) Corinna Vinschen  says:
>> >There's has been made a change in Cygwin (...)
>> >The problem is that the W2K telnet server doesn't allow duplicating
>> >the handle for some strange reason which only Microsoft knows of.
>>is there a solution by now?
>>my version data (from cygcheck):
>>     Cygwin DLL version info:
>>         dll major: 1003
>>         dll minor: 2
>>         dll epoch: 19
>>         dll bad signal mask: 19005
>>         dll old termios: 5
>>         dll malloc env: 28
>>         build date: Sun May 20 23:28:17 EDT 2001
>>         shared id: cygwin1S3

>First, I'd recommend updating your DLL.  

Wwhile I'm writing this I am installing again from cygwin setup. That's taking quit a while, I guess it's a full installation and not just an update... is there a quicker way to install updates only?

>However, to answer your
>question, I think Corinna provided the best solution you're likely to
>get on this subject, without a change from MS.  Did you try using
>telnet from the inetutils package?

I use the telnet client included in the cygwin package. I did not quite understand how another telnet client should solve the problem. I looked for an inetutils package in the cygwin setup but find none. Can you please explain specifically what I should install and from where?

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