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Re: touch

Probably not even appropriate for THIS mailing list, Chris.  This is 
pure windows programming -- what does it have to do with cygwin?

However, I've addressed it below:

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Wrong mailing list.  Redirected.
> cgf
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 07:25:20PM +0100, Ivan Martel Perez wrote:
>>Hi all!
>> I am trying to open a directory using Win32 API :
>>       DWORD n;
>>       int n1;
>>       char a[100+1];
>>       HANDLE h;
>>       h=CreateFile("c:\\bin\\cygwin",

I think you need to pass a non-shell-escaped filename to the windows 
CreateFile function:  h=CreateFile("c:\bin\cygwin",...

>>               FILE_SHARE_READ,
>>               NULL,
>>               NULL);
>>       if(h==INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) error();
>>I always get and invalid handle and the error string "Access 
>>denied". I've been trying some flag changes without results.
>>The program I'm writting is motivated because 'touch' does not
>>update directories.
>>Is there a way to enable 'touching' dirs?

Dunno about this.


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