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rxvt win32 fixes


I would like to submit two improvements to the Win32 port of rxvt 2.7.2:

1) In the file W11/w32/xlib.c, function XClearArea, the area cleared is
    one pixel too large (vertical and horizontal) -> some characters in
    the rxvt window loose pixels

2) Let rxvt handle the Backspace key the same way as in X11: pass the
    key as XK_BackSpace, so rxvt can recognize the current tty mode and
    so we can use the following rxvt escape sequences to choose the backspace
       To set BackSpace = ^H : echo -e '\033[?67h'
       To set BackSpace = ^? : echo -e '\033[?67l'

There are some little improvements to do, which belong to the main source code:
- Set erase key of a new terminal window to the current BackSpace value,
   when not started by another terminal window
- BackSpace and SHIFT BackSpace should send the same character

My patch restores the original BackSpace behaviour: by default, as described
in the rxvt documentation, BackSpace sends the DEL (^?) character
instead of (^H).

Christian LESTRADE

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