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rxvt : hangs when trying temporary exit from an application

I use a command-line arithmetic calculator that exits in the usual way with
^d, aborts long calculations in the usual way with ^c, and allows temporary
exits to the bash shell using ^e. You can twiddle away at bash until you
want to return to the calculator (use ^d or exit at the bash prompt). But :
try ^e when using the calculator in a rxvt terminal window instead of the
bash console, and the whole thing hangs. Using <Ctrl-Alt-Del> brings up the
message "login - not responding" and all that's left to do is End Task.

This little calculator is not provided by Cygwin, it just happens to work
really well inside Cygwin. I know you will probably say "Not necessarily
rxvt's fault : take a look at the calculator first" which is fine. I just
thought I'd mention the phenomenon (a) because it might tweak a thought ("I
once had this with a command-line application") and (b) because the
calculator has been remarkably robust in all its variations (RM DOS, PM DOS,
Linux and, except for this feature, so far in Cygwin).

Thank you.


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