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Re: rxvt problems on win98

Okay, I just did an update on all my packages and specified "reinstall"
for rxvt, just to be safe.  The behavior no longer exists, so that's good.
However, I now remember why I was using an older version of rxvt: the
one that is distributed with Cygwin is the "with a console" version
(note the window that briefly flashes on the screen before the actual
rxvt window comes up).  When Steve did his original port, he also
did a "no-console" experimental build, which is nice because the
flashing window isn't there, and it seems to work fine otherwise.

I tried reverting back to this version of rxvt and everything seems
great -- no flickering and no CPU-peg upon resizing.  So I guess the
problem was somewhere in bash(?).

I may have missed this discussino, but has anyone considered using the
no-console build of rxvt in the distro?


> I have Cygwin installed on two Win98 machines -- identical installs.
> I've used rxvt as my shell window since I found out about the port
> (well before it was included in the distro).  However, on one of my
> machines, when I resize the rxvt window, bash pegs the CPU and stops
> responding.
> This doesn't happen on my Win2k machine at work (same Cygwin install).
> The rxvt I have reports v2.7.2:
>  -rwxr-xr-x    1 gse      544        141824 Mar 20  2001 /usr/bin/rxvt
> The bash shell I have reports:
>  GNU bash, version 2.05.0(8)-release (i686-pc-cygwin
> I guess these are both older versions, but has anybody else seen these
> problems?

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