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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Advance notice: Remove regex package on 2001-02-07

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> ========================================================================
> Since Cygwin 1.3.7, the Cygwin API contains the POSIX regex calls.
> For that reason, the "regex" package is no longer needed, except other
> packages depend on it.
> The only package in the Cygwin net distribution which was dependent of
> "regex" was OpenSSH.  This isn't any longer true with OpenSSH-3.0.2p1-5.
> For that reason, I will remove the regex package in 2 weeks from today.

Hmmm....this is disquieting.  Let's assume that Bob has built, on his 
machine,  the "HandyMedicineDatabase" application which depends on 

He can now no longer install HMD on a new machine, unless he carries 
around a copy of the regex package -- or he is forced to recompile his 
app so that it doesn't depend on cygregex.dll.

Perhaps you can release a new regex package that contains only the DLL, 
and not the development links.  However, this brings up the question: 
how long to we need to keep these old DLLs around to support (possible) 
user-compiled packages?

E.g. when can the libreadline4 package be removed?  No existing *cygwin* 
package depends on it, but user-compiled stuff might...    Ditto 


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