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Re: File mode judgement

Thank you for so quick a response.

Now I see. I set the environment variable CYGWIN to "ntsec" when I was
testing inetd service. Now I unset CYGWIN and solved my problem.

No, it is not good yet while even the header files and text files installed
by Cygwin itself are regarded as "executable" on setup by default.

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

--- Original Message from "Robert Collins"
<> ---

> In the past, Cygwin seemed to judge whether a file is executable on a
> combination of suffix and content. However, today when I reinstalled
> I suddenly found that it no more did it. Now on a NTFS volume it depends
> only on file attributes.
> 1) Is it a design change?

Yes. It is much faster to look at file permissions first, and content
second. Thats what unix does. The change is activated by CYGWIN=ntsec.

> 2) Is it possible to switch back to the old behaviour?

AFAIK, no. It shouldn't be needed anyway, just use chmod to set the +x
bit on any executables you have.


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