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Re: [GENERAL] Problems with initdb on Cygwin

Hi Rick,

Thanks heaps for the offer.  :)

One of our users Joerg kindly pointed out a solution (and when tested,
it solved the problem).

It seems there's a lack of info about needing cygipc to be installed
when installing cygwin.

Would it be possible to add something about it to the cygwin FAQ?  It's
possible PostgreSQL is the only one affected, but I'm not sure.

Again, thanks heaps for the positive response.

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

Joerg Hessdoerfer wrote:
> Just my 2ct - but could it be you did not start ipc-daemon? It's not in the
> standard
> cygwin distrib (one should bang the heads of these guys - to distribute a
> program
> and not even mentioning (e.g in the postinstall scripts) that you need to
> get cygipc
> from somewhere else!).
> Just search for cygipc on the net - I use 1.11 (I think), and it works
> fine. Without
> ipc-daemon running in the bg, you get exactly the reported behaviour!
> Greetings,
>          Joerg
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Rick Rankin wrote:
> I can build it for them, but I don't have a way to make it available to them.
> If someone can provide a site for them to get it from, I'll do the build. What
> options to configure, other than --enable-debug, do you need?
> --Rick
> --- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> > On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 11:41:32AM -0000, Stephano Mariani wrote:
> > >If you have visual studio, it includes a subset of the debugging
> > >symbols for windows.  Install those!
> >
> > Can't someone just provide them with what they are asking for???
> >
> > If they had a debugging version of postgress, they'd be able to
> > get at least a somewhat decipherable backtrace.
> >
> > Their request makes sense to me.  Isn't there anyone out there who
> > can help the postgres team?
> >
> > cgf

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