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Repost : cannot change password using "passwd" command

Hi all,

For account policy in both local server and domain
server, the minimum character for password is 0. 

Moreover, I can use user account to change password in
w2k GUI (ie. CTRL+ALT+DEL --> change password), with
the same set of password tried in Cygwin.

I don't want user use the console, so I hope they can
change their password using telnet.

Is there any setting needed for local user use
"passwd" ? Can local user change password by "passwd"

Would you mind to help me ? THanks

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 11:57:05AM +0000, Tiffany Chan
>> I cannot change password of local account using
>> "passwd" command in Cygwin.
>> $passwd
>> Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 8
>> characters).
>> Please use a combination of upper and lower case
>> letters and numbers.
>> Old password: < i type old password here>
>> Bad password: Too short.
>> I am sure that the password is typed correctly. I
>> using w2k server.
>> What's wrong ?

>As the error message says, your password is too
>short.  That
>message is generated when the OS returns the error
>NERR_PasswordTooShort which means... the password is
>too short.
>Your machine has a policy set that the password must
>have a
>minimum length, probably.


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