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Re: lgamma function not available with -mno-cygwin

WIN32 != cygwin

If you want cygwin-provided functions, build a cygwin version (i.e. 
without -mno-cygwin).  Otherwise, if the functions are not available 
from MS libraries (which is what you are using when you build with 
-mno-cygwin) you need to either (a) write replacements yourself, or (b) 
complain to Bill G.

Further discussion of a non-cygwin build of GNUPLOT belongs elsewhere. 
perhaps the mingw list?

William D. Kirby wrote:

> I'm working with the beta cvs version of GNUPLOT. The X11 version
> compiles and tests fine using CYGWIN v1.3.9-1 build, but I get an error
> message testing the WIN32 version (i.e., -mno-cygwin). The gnuplot
> generated error message during testing says that libc does not contain
> the lgamma function.
> I would assume that the WIN32 and X11 versions would have equally
> capable libc libraries. 

You assume much: that the authors of Microsoft's runtime library, 
msvcrt.dll, have ANY interest in cross-platform compatibility with 
standard libc.

> I attempted to use the math lib -lm, but got a
> run time error that it could not find cygwin1.dll.

Right -- libm is a cygwin library, so it'll need cygwin1.dll.  But, by 
using -mno-cygwin, you're not USING cygwin1.dll for system services, you 
are using msvcrt.dll.

> Is there a work around, and could the WIN32 build be missing lgamma for
> some reason?

See above.


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