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Re: help matlab

Hi, Tamer :)

You can't to use solaris, linux or any other platform targeted libraries
to link with cygwin gcc. To link a program with cygwin tools you need
cygwin targeted library or an cygwin import lib built from a windows 
native dll (you can find info about this on the mailing list). So
I suggest you to find out more information on what kind of windows
library the Mathlab folks provide and then come back to this list.

Tamer Samy abdelazim wrote:

> Hi pavel,
> Very thanks for your fast reply ... libmat.a is a library contains all the
> matlab calls like engEvalString it is distributed by mathworks
> and it is exisist in the saple of matlab mcc samples ...........
> ....but i do not know which one (Linux x86 solaris windows) I tried all and
> no one give me any result who is used for cygwin :( also the gcc doesnot
> feel it ... always error .The last thing this code is compiled on unix sun
> solaris and pass it
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Pavel Tsekov" <>
> To: "Tamer Samy abdelazim" <>
> Cc: <>
> Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 1:13 AM
> Subject: Re: help matlab
>>Hello, Tamer :)
>>Tamer Samy abdelazim wrote:
>>>>Dear Sir;
>>>>           i use cygwin for windows (gcc) and i try to call matlab
>>>>engine from C under cygwin ... always errors (the error is under)
>>>>can you help ...thanks in advance
>>>>$ make
>>>>gcc  -o TPSS_ML main.o run_matlab.o msg.o strace.o  libmat.a -lm
>>What is libmat.a ? Is this the library supposed to containg the
>>"engEvalString", "engGetMatrix" and others for which you get
>>undefined references ? Is this library built for cygwin ?

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