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Re: bug report, question and suggestion

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 11:44:03AM -0500, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
> By the way, do you know why LookupAccountSid() returns different
> values when the sid is impersonated and when it isn't. Like:
> In impersonated token created in a process launched by Phumblet
> /******************* Token User */
> PHumblet WIRELESS SidTypeUser                   <==== ?????
> S-1-5-21-2127391503-1594901184-99485923-1004    <==== impersonated sid
> the (account) name PHumblet doesn't match the sid's username here.
> It would if the process was launched directly by the user
> (instead of being impersonated). 

I wrote about that problem already in earlier postings on this
list.  No, I don't know why that happens.  I assume it's due
to the fact that the created token is still running in the
logon session of the calling user.  The NT calls GetUserName()
and LookupAccountSid() seem to go a shortcut instead of really
looking for the values :-(
Actually it only happens in the impersonated and subsequent
processes.  Looking from the outside everything's ok, even in
the NT task manager.
I tried to get a description or something on the microsoft
mailing lists but I got no answer.

> Instead of debugging DuplicateTokenEx() it may be simpler (but
> less efficient) to set the sd DACL in seteuid(), after the
> call to ImpersonateLoggedOnUser(). That's essentially what
> my call is doing when NULLing the DACL (see previous mail).

You could test using the sec_user call at that point  before
I do it.  You have the testcase trying to access the registry
keys handy.

> It would also take care of the subauthentication case.
> I haven't looked at that at all.

It doesn't matter.  It works on W2K only.  That's the reason
I never announced it here but only on the cygwin-develoepers


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