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Re: New setup.exe snapshot

----- Original Message -----
From: "John A. Turner" <>

> Robert Collins wrote:
> > Any and all testing/feedback is needed.
> I've been using it for a while, and have a bit of feedback...

Thank you.

> o if the window gets covered up, clicking on its button on the
>   taskbar doesn't bring it back to the top like it does with other
>   apps

Hmm thats strange. Clicking on the taskbar should bring it back. Ah
well, another TODO item :}.

> o it seems to crash on certain mirrors - the ones I've had crash
>   are
>   note that the old setup.exe ( works fine on the others

I've uploaded a new setup.exe that shouldn't crash on *anything*. If you
have time please give it a shot.

> o maybe I'm misunderstanding, but when I get to the "Select packages
>   to install" window, if I click "View" until I get "Full", then
>   select "Exp", most packages show up as "Uninstall", with a few
>   versions newer than what I have
>   shouldn't all those other pkgs be "Keep" rather than "Uninstall"?

No. This is a discussion point at the moment. IMO setup.ini on the
sources.redhat site should include explicit listings of all packages
that should be included in exp, and packages that are listed in curr or
prev, but not in exp should uninstall. This allows for accurate
experimental introduction of new packages that collide with curr
packages, by not having those curr packages remain installed when
someone wants a 'bleeding edge' install. Similar to the debian 'sid'
distribution I guess.

The alternative is the current status quo, where one always sees all
packages regardless of the 'trust level'.

It will get resolved one way or another before this gets released fully


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