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New setup.exe and crashes

In Message-ID: <030301c1a71f$8228eef0$0200a8c0@lifelesswks>
"Robert Collins" <> wrote:
> o it seems to crash on certain mirrors - the ones I've had crash
>>   are
>>   note that the old setup.exe ( works fine on the others
>I've uploaded a new setup.exe that shouldn't crash on *anything*. If you
>have time please give it a shot.

I have successfully used it to download and install openssh from with WinNT 4.0SP5. With the previous setup
snapshot that url caused a crash.

Also it looks like the new setup has a nice feature and can update in
use binaries (I was using ssh at the time of the successful update
above). However I can't find the registry entry that is used to move
the new ssh.exe on top of the old one at (re-)boot time. So exactly
how does the new install do its magic?

I had gotten used to having updates on running packages fail, might it
be a good idea to offer an option "Update running programs (requires
reboot)" in one of the screens. That way we could safely update the
packages we aren't using without having to reboot.

Actually this begs the question, what happened when install failed due
to in use binaries? Did it clean up after itself and reinstall the old
files, or was I left with a mix of file versions after the failed
update? I never had any problems after a failed update, so I always
assumed that it cleaned up and backed out the updated files. Was I

				-- rouilj
John Rouillard
My employers don't acknowledge my existence much less my opinions.

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