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Re: how to open *.htm and *.lnk


Here are the elements you need:

For BASH users (equivalents presumably exist in other shells):

% help test
   -h FILE        True if file is a symbolic link.
   -L FILE        True if file is a symbolic link.

% man readlink

% cygpath --help

Now, write a BASH (or other shell) script that, after using the 
aforementioned primitives to get a native Windows name for the target file, 

         cmd /q /c start /b WindowsFileName

You will then no longer need to construct one-off BAT files to open files 
from Cygwin. See my message from yesterday with the Subject "CYGWIN=ntsec 
Pragmattics" (sic) for a caveat about file permissions and use of the "cmd 
..." invocation I mentioned just above.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 12:11 2002-01-28, you wrote:
>At the moment, my way to open an htm file is to put its name in a DOS 
>batch file, and then run the batchfile, which makes things complicated; 
>but by no way can i open an lnk. Any simpler methods ? Thanks

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