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Scripting Installs?

I know I asked something similar to this earlier, but only 1/2 of my 
question was answered.

The first part was "how do I specify that I want the install to come from a 
specific server" and the second was "how do I tell the install that I want 
you to just install the following packages"

I got some very helpful hints, but unfortunately, they're aimed at geeks 
like us.

I'm looking to get this rolled out to remote sites for users. Specifically: 
Sales people. (yes yes I hear the groans already :) )

I want to know if I can do the following:

Script the install so it does the following:

Force the install to pick packages up from *our* server (for version 
control purposes, we don't want one sales guy installing and getting 
OpenSSH version 2.a and another to get 2.b or 2.c), and gives no other 
options for the user. (Something like: setup.exe

Tell the install "Ok bud--*these* are the packages you install. No more, no 
less. Don't ask. Just do it!"

I appreciate all your help, guys--I love the product and we're looking 
forward to getting a lot of use out of it! :)

Glenn Sieb

Glenn E. Sieb, System Administrator
Lumeta Corp.
+1 732 357-3514 (V)
+1 732 564-0731 (Fax)

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