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Re: Scripting Installs?


These concerns about the size of Cygwin are becoming ever less sensible. 
It's 2002, and storage is extremely cheap, fast and capacious. It hardly 
seems worth the bother to try to pare down a Cygwin install to save a few 
dozen (or even a hundred) megabytes of disk space. Now that I've installed 
the new Cygwin TeX packages (adding 95 megabytes or so), my full Cygwin 
install occupies about 310 megabytes.

I guess that's not tiny, but hardly excessive considering what Cygwin makes 
available and possible on an otherwise agonizingly impoverished (yet itself 
quite sizeable) operating system. A comparable set of capabilities under 
Solaris, *BSD, Linux or MacOS X would occupy pretty much the same amount of 
space (regardless of whether they have the status of "add-on" or 
"3rd-party" or simply "optional"), so I see no basis for complaints about size.

If you've installed onto NTFS (recommended, if it's an option for the OS 
you're running), you can always apply Windows built-in disk compression to 
some or all of your installation as a quick-and-dirty, transparent (though 
modest) space-saving measure.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 09:07 2002-01-29, you wrote:
>Well 39 meg to run ssh is a bit much, even by Windows-standards (grin), 
>but I will play with your last suggestion and see what I need to get just 
>ssh running. (Which is really all our sales guys need) :)
>Glenn E. Sieb, Sys Admin

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