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Re: Scripting Installs?

Dang, can we tell Mercury is in retrograde until February 2nd?

On 11:46 AM 1/29/2002 -0800, Randall R Schulz wrote:
>These concerns about the size of Cygwin are becoming ever less sensible. 
>It's 2002, and storage is extremely cheap, fast and capacious. It hardly 
>seems worth the bother to try to pare down a Cygwin install to save a few 
>dozen (or even a hundred) megabytes of disk space. Now that I've installed 
>the new Cygwin TeX packages (adding 95 megabytes or so), my full Cygwin 
>install occupies about 310 megabytes.

Randall, although I appreciate your comments and have heard them many times 
before, please reread my comment to begin with:

>>Well 39 meg to run ssh is a bit much, even by Windows-standards (grin)

First, this is in reference *ONLY* to ssh, which, by the way only takes 1.8 
meg or so if you just pull the 5 files ssh seems to need and is quite nice 
and tidy :), *NOT* in reference the whole of Cygwin.

I'm *quite* happy with the fact that I get a full set of decent *nix tools 
in Windows for @39 meg. But, our sales people will never need nor will they 
ever use 99% of Cygwin's tools. There are only a handful of us here at 
Lumeta, who aren't developers of course, who would know what to do with 
such tools anyway. Hence my questions about "how do I get only x y and z 
packages to install and only those packages, automatically". (Which, again, 
has been answered--Thank you, Mr. Faylor.)

If anyone here has EVER worked a help desk and supported the sales force 
for their companies, then you understand that you just don't give 
salespeople sledgehammers when all they need is a thumbtack to do their 
job. Not unless, of course, you *like* getting frantic phone calls at 3am 
from someone in Singapore who was wasting time before going into a meeting 
and ended up deleting their c:\windows directory "cuz I didn't know what it 
was for and it took up a lot of space that I need (for my 
mp3s/games/whatever)! Fix it! Now!!!! I have 5 minutes before my meeting 
starts!" (Note: At all of my jobs the first thing I did was rename: 
FORMAT.COM, DELTREE.EXE and FDISK.COM to the reverse of the respective 
name, just so this stuff didn't happen by accident.)

And, before I get my head blown off again, let me say it for the record: I 
have figured out which files ssh.exe needs to run on it's own, and thanks 
again to Mr. Faylor and everyone else who's been kind enough to help point 
me in the right direction on that.

And secondly, the size issue was made tongue-in-cheek--note the "(grin)".

And thanks to Wayne for his viewpoint on my questions. Personally I use a 
full install of Cygwin here at the office and at home. It's proven 
invaluable to me when I just need the power of a bash prompt on my local 
PC. And, I don't think any of us can say this enough:


And again, thank you all for your help and assistance with my issues.


Glenn E. Sieb, System Administrator
Lumeta Corp.
+1 732 357-3514 (V)
+1 732 564-0731 (Fax)

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