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Re: Locating bzip2 package

Christopher Faylor wrote:

 >> I think it would make more sense to have it up there with the other
 >> archive utilities, but eh; what do I know?  :-P
 > bzip2 is not an archiving tool.  It compresses files.  It does not
 > archive them.

Just to chime in here (as the bzip maintainer), Chris is correct. 
bzip2, like gzip/gunzip, compresses single files.  Tar is used to 
archive collections of files into a single package -- tar is an 
archiver.  Zip is both an archiver AND a compressor.  Now, because 
archives are often compressed, you frequently see tools from both 
categories used together (.tar.bz2, tar.gz) -- but that doesn't make 
bzip2 an archive tool.  It's still a compressor.

The fact is, these groupings (Utils, Development, Archive, etc) will 
never please everybody -- and if someone is missing a tool that they 
want, and can't find it in the "categories" seems obvious (to 
me, at least) that the user should run setup again and check out the 
'Full' package list -- which is alphabetically organized, without those 
pesky categories -- for the desired item.  (run on sentence, anyone?)


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