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Pls. help : passwd - misunderstanding

Sorry that it may have some mis-understanding for my
previous posted question. In this mail, I describe my
problem in more detail.

Cygwin 1.3.3 is installed in a normal win 2000
advanced server A (SP2). Server A connected to Domain,
but it is not DC. 

Local users are created in Server A. "passwd" and
"group" files are created by,

$ mkgroup -l > /etc/group 
$ mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd

When I telnet to server A (by Cygwin) with local users
account and change password,

$ passwd
Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 8
Please use a combination of upper and lower case
letters and numbers.
Old password: <<<local user type old password here>>>
Bad password: Too short.

After I typed "passwd", it prompts me to enter "old
password". After I enter old password correctly, it
shows "bad password": too short.

1. Why does it display for "Enter the new password"
before "Old password", is this correct sequence?

2. There is no place for me to enter "New password". I
only have place to type old password.

3. After typing old password, it displays "Bad
password: too short", i am sure my old password typed
correctly. Is the error message "Bad password" alert
me that my new password is too short? Actually, I have
no place to enter new password. 

I cannot find reference in archive mail, I don't have
any idea. Would you mind give me some hints ? Thanks
for your kindly help !

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