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RE: New on sourceware: texmf-20000804-2

Well, I *did* skip the libpng update... I think the reason
(hind-sight) was that I don't expect teTeX to depend on
libpng, (and to be honest, I always go via the ps/ghostscript
route to pdf and I don't use pdftex myself, as the last
time I use it it didn't support even eps graphics; and pdftex
is a relatively new inclusion to teTeX) and another 
reason was I have a custom compiled
xv which I uses quite often, and it obviously depends 
on libpng and I would rather not break it.

By the way, the installation of teTeX still finishes -
it is only during the post-install script stage
("texconfig all"?) that you get a lot of messages flashing 
by, and some of which is related to not being able to run pdftex
and families; but the script does go all the way to completion
and you would miss those messages if you are not reading it.
The only obvious indication that something is missing is
that the end of the post-install script, a window pops up
saying "missing import ... ". 

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From: Robert Collins []
Sent: 30 January 2002 09:30
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Subject: Re: New on sourceware: texmf-20000804-2

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From: "Jan Nieuwenhuizen" <>
> > BTW - pdftex in tetex-20001208-4 depends on the
> > new (10-days-old) libpng 1.0.2.
> Hmm, that's not good.  Does that package have a new name?  Otherwise
> we're in dire need of versioned depends.

I wouldn't describe it as dire - only folk updating can get the new tex
stuff, and there's no reason for them to skip png.


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