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Re: can't 'cd /"Program Files"' with cygwin-1.3.9-1.tar.bz2 DLL

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From: "Joe Wilson" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 09:50
Subject: can't 'cd /"Program Files"' with cygwin-1.3.9-1.tar.bz2 DLL

> I am not able to cd /"Program Files" with the
> cygwin1.dll from cygwin-1.3.9-1.tar.bz2.
> I can successfully do this same operation using
> the older cygwin-1.3.6-6.tar.bz2, however.
> Is this a regression?

The equivalent for me (cd /c/"Program Files") works as your expecting though
I normally wouldn't quote part of a path.  I'm using cygwin 1.3.9-1 and

Try cutting and pasting the exact text from the session that shows the

> As an aside, 'cd /"Program*Files"' works fine with both dll
> versions.
> I only replaced the cygwin1.dll in testing and did not upgrade
> any of the cygwin executables (including bash.exe).
> Perhaps this the problem?

You've certainly given people something to blame until you can prove
differently.  It's not a good idea to 'just copy' individual files.

> Are the newer cygwin1.dlls drop in replacements for the old versions
> generally?


Mac :})
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