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Re: Install Problem


The check-box is the download or install _with source_ option.

It seems that Setup.exe is doing what you ask.

Surely downloading all that source and then deleting those tarballs is a 
little circuitous and / or wasteful, no?

By the way, my use is identical to yours. I always use separate download 
and install phases and I don't routinely install any of the source, I just 
keep it for when I'm bored or have an idea or a question or something.

However, I never (have to) cycle the install mode spinner they way you do, 
I just check the "include source" box during download and leave it 
unchecked during installation.

I've always had good success with this approach.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 15:21 2002-01-30, you wrote:

>Hi.  It's been awhile since I installed Cygwin, and since then the
>setup.exe program seems to have become considerably more complicated.
>I'm using setup.exe version  I use a two step process:
>  1) Download from Internet
>  2) Install from Local Directory
>Once I get to the package selection screen, I hit the "View" button
>until I get a full listing, and then I click each package so that
>it cycles from "Skip" to "Source" and finally to a version number.
>Once the version number is displayed, I check the box.  Once this
>has been repeated for each package, I hit the next button, and the
>tar-balls are downloaded.  I do the same thing for step 2) to
>install Cygwin.
>The problem I'm having is that setup insists on both downloading and
>installing the source tarballs as well as the binaries.  Even with a 2GB
>partition, and after choosing a subset of the packages, I still don't have
>space for all the source packages.
>I'm going to try deleting the src tarballs after step 1), but before step
>2), and see what happens.  But in the mean time: am I missing something?
>Thanks in advance.

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