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Re: A newbie question for cygwin 1.3.9

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 12:22:07PM +1100, Wong, Mun Chung (Mun Chung) wrote:
>I am new to cygwin and just installed it but I couldn't find gcc as
>part of the distribution.  Am I missing something ?

Yes.  Try installing again.  When the installation gets to a screen
where it is saying things like "Base", "Shells", "Devel", etc., click
on "Devel".

>I am also not having luck with common programs like file & more.  Do I
>have to download those separately ?  For now I need the gcc more than

Sounds like you should investigate other categories on above screen,

You have to tell setup.exe what you want.  It doesn't install

You might also take some time to read all of the links at .

>The other question is if I were to compile a C program and have it
>statically linked, does it mean I can still run the binary even after
>blowing the cygwin environment away ?

No.  Please avail yourself of the FAQ, documentation, and mailing list
archives.  All of these questions have been answered countless times


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