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Re: Install problems

Quoted from the BASH man page:

       -z string
               True if the length of string is zero.

This means that you have your HOME environment variable already

Arek wrote:

> I just installed cygwin today (after a long while of not having it
> installed...) and when I started up bash I discovered that $HOME wasn't
> being set correctly!  After looking through the faq, I thought this might be
> related to me having a windows login name with a space in it, so I edited
> /etc/profile to explicitly set my username to james.  This didn't work.
> After doing a bit of testing, I discovered that the following structure:
>     if [ -z "$HOME" ]; then
>         HOME="/home/$USER"
>     fi
> was failing to set the HOME variable correctly.  I was able to fix this by
> removing the if/fi statements and just arbitrarily setting the HOME
> variable.  Am I going to have other problems doing this?  Also, is there a
> known reason that the HOME variable wasn't being set correctly in the first
> place (it was just being set to $USER.)?
> My operating system is Windows ME, if that's any help...

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