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Re: Can't create new file/directory

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From: "Derek M. Tournear" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 10:01
Subject: Can't create new file/directory

> I recently re-installed cygwin, now I can't create a new file or
> directory within cygwin. I even made a new directory using explorer.
> Gave this directory the permissions everyone full control.  In cygwin I
> chmod to 777 on this directory.  It lets me chmod and chown on files and
> directories.  But if I go in that directory and try to make a new file
> or directory it says permission denied.
> any ideas?

Most of us are closer to psychotic than psychic.  Some details would be

For example:
How did you install Cygwin?
What OS are you running under? (part of cygcheck -s)
What are the exact commands you entered and what are the exact responses you
get back? (cut and paste please, not typed from memory)

Mac :})
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