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GCC and getcwd


This isn't directly a cygwin question, but hopefully somebody has a
suggestion or a new topic I should search on:

I have a working C program created with GCC 2.95.2-6 and Cygwin
dll 1.1.7.  I realize both of these are a little old, but I think
I have a conceptual problem rather than a version issue.

I want to find the current directory that the executable file is in,
so I can open a text file in the same directory.  The executable
is on the k drive, but my code doesn't return the correct path:

/* Begin code sample */
	  FILE *testfile;
        char buffer[100];
        int size = 100;

        testfile = fopen("c:\\windows\\desktop\\test.txt","w");
        fprintf(testfile,"buffer = %s\n",buffer);
/* End code sample */

which returns:
buffer = /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/DESKTOP

I am probably using the wrong function or possibly need to look
at a Windows-based group of functions?

TIA for any ideas.

Francis R. Harvey III
WB303, x3952

VB programmers know the wisdom of Nothing

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