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Re: setting up cygwin

----- Original Message -----
From: "Randall R Schulz" <>

> Rob,
> Setup.exe serves the purpose of mirroring just fine, as along as all
> want to mirror is a set of Cygwin install packages, with or without
> (or, for that matter, with the current version of Setup.exe, source

Randall, there is a difference between being able to use a tool for
something, and it being designed for something.

Being the setup maintainer, I think I am in the position of being able
to state it's design parameters!

I repeat: Setup is not designed for mirroring, and if one wants to grab
all the binaries, and all the sources, then one should use a mirroring

I've no objection to a second .exe being built leveraging the setup.exe
source, in the cinstall directory that *is* designed for mirroring, but
I am not going to try to make setup.exe a mirror tool for cygwin! The
reasons have already been stated, both here and on cygwin-apps.


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