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Re: Scripting Installs? missing setup.hints

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> >> >How is the central setup.ini generated?
> >>
> >> With a perl script.
> >
> >Fascinating. Is it in the CVS? It's not jumping out at me.
> It's part of the infrastructure.  It is in CVS but it
> is not intended for general use.  I don't know if it is even available
> for anonymous CVS access.

Am I to assume that you're not interested in making that script available?

> >> >How could one roll their own?
> >>
> >> By writing a program.
> >
> >That much I've figured out, but I appreciate these helpful suggestions.
> >
> >The missing part was how to generate setup.ini without all the
> >setup.hints. I knew that you had to do it somehow, but I can't find it in
> >the CVS. So, should I chop up your setup.ini and give it back to you as
> >setup.hints (or just use locally)? or is your current solution better and
> >shareable?
> I'm not interested in supporting another package so your best option is
> to write your own.
> I am not really understanding your confusion, though.  Some of the
> information is in setup.hints, some is in setup.ini.  setup.hint takes
> precedence, of course.
> Eventually all of the information will be in setup.hint but there is no
> pressing need for this to be the case.
> In case it isn't really clear, I'm not really interested in making
> setup.exe a general purpose tool for you to use internally.  That has
> never been a goal, and I see nothing but headaches from moving in that
> direction.

Granted, all that is clear to me. I appreciate that you're frank. Let me
try to ask again.

I'm generating my own setup.ini since that's a good way to gain control
over what's being installed. I've written a program to handle this by
integrating a stale version of a setup.ini from and some
setup.hints. (ideally this would all come dynamically from setup.hints)

This solution works fine, except I'm not sharing what I've written with
others in the community. I've read several emails in this list from people
who could use such a tool if it would help them individually control what
packages are installed. I thought that you might have such a program
already in place, ready for more use and maintenance. That's why I asked
if your solution was "shareable".

I'm not asking you to maintain a new package, nor am I asking you to
change setup.exe in any way. I was asking if you wanted to share the
script you're using on My script works just fine, but of
course it needs improvement. I thought it would be more reasonable to
contribute to something in the commons.


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