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Re: Scripting Installs? missing setup.hints

----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael Adler" <>
> > It's part of the infrastructure.  It is in CVS
but it
> > is not intended for general use.  I don't know if it is even
> > for anonymous CVS access.
> Am I to assume that you're not interested in making that script

It's been visible via CVS, see the cygwin-apps archive. It's *not
supported* though.

> > In case it isn't really clear, I'm not really interested in making
> > setup.exe a general purpose tool for you to use internally.  That
> > never been a goal, and I see nothing but headaches from moving in
> > direction.
> Granted, all that is clear to me. I appreciate that you're frank. Let
> try to ask again.
> I'm generating my own setup.ini since that's a good way to gain
> over what's being installed. I've written a program to handle this by
> integrating a stale version of a setup.ini from and some
> setup.hints. (ideally this would all come dynamically from

You don't need to generate your own complete setup.ini. Use the latest
setup.exe snapshot (for now), and generate a 'merge' setup.ini that only
adds/changes any fields you care about. It's been designed to allow
corporate fiddles in that respect.

That said, I've no objection (heh, because I didn't write upset!) to it
floating about, but any questions on it's operation etc etc will be
offtopic here and in cyg-apps. The decision is Chris's 'cause it's his
script (I can only speak for setup.exe).


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