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Re: Suggestion for setup

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bernard Dautrevaux" <>

> > Depends on how you define "harmless". We have a *huge*
> > domain, and "mkpasswd
> > -d" can take a very long time (20 - 30 minutes) to complete,
> > so I definitely
> > wouldn't want to run blindly run it with the -d option here.
> > If it were
> > implemented, it should be an option, at least.
> Oh, I didn't think at that ;-( Obviously a way to avoid running
> -d" in such a case would be useful.

Seems to me that a regex mapping for the users & groups to pickup would
be ideal. Then if it's a plain string (ie Robert) mkpasswd behaves
like -u was passed, and if it's empty like -d, if it's an actual regex
expression, it filters the -d content.

The the setup script can ask for the input when it runs, or have it on
the comamnd line from setup.exe (I"m not convinced that this is
something that belongs in the GUI at all..)

> Of course the right solution would be to avoid the need for
/etc/passwd and
> /etc/group and automatically serach the NT domain controller, but I'm
> this would be a *huge* job to create these files as virtual files that
> talk to the domain controller if any. Plus if one blindly and dumbly
> search through the /etc/passwd file you will get the 20min run time

Actually what you're talking about is making cygwin behave as though the
NT domain where a yp server. Look into yp on BSD or Linux and you'll see
what that involves. I'm pretty confident that a yp implementation for
Cygwin would be cool... and a NT->yp mapper would also go down well :}.


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