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Re: cygwin official logo ?

Jehan wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:

That's ok with me but my intend is to find a neat animal (there are
lots of them besides otters and koalas)

What about a "stitch"? In the movie they say it looks like a koala and I'm sure O'Reilly didn't use it on their books. :)
Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's infringe on a Disney copyright. They don't usually mind that sort of thing, do they?

Geez, what's wrong with otters? It doesn't matter if O'Reilly has used various otters on a collection of [Java|HTML|???] books -- as long as we're not copying THEIR otter design. (Because they've used it on books covering a range of subjects, there's no "brand identity" like camel == Perl) Besides, give O'Reilly another few years, and they will run out of mammals and start using insects...or plants. The only company that uses an animal mascot, and that believes that ONLY they are allowed to use ANY representation of that species as a mascot regardless of similarity to their own version, is...oh yeah, Disney...

What was that about 'stitch'?

Otters are cute and playful, and surely cgf deserves a say in this given his "steerage" of the project. Should he start talking about "sprinking holy otter pee" on the codebase prior to each kernel release, like Linus does, just to push "otters" into the zeitgeist? (mebbe not. "otter pee" doesn't have quite the same alliterative punch as "penguin pee")

'Course, it's all moot until somebody with artistic talent (e.g. not me) actually draws something...

P.S. anybody remember the oil-slicked otter that Berke Breathed drew in "Bloom County"? He was a "spokesman" for Exxon after the Valdez incident in the 80's...shunned as a sell-out by the other members of the cast...


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