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Re: ls.exe shows windows system hidden files


That is at the very best a matter of opinion and I don't think your opinion is widely shared. In particular, the mixing of file system models in the "ls" source code that would be required to implement your suggestion would render ls a horse of a different color and would set a poor precedent for Cygwin tool source code where the bar is fairly high for emplacing Cygwin-specific code. If you examine the ls source, you'll find it blissfully free of Cygwin-specific featuring.

The Windows "hidden" attribute has no direct counterpart in Unix / POSIX file systems, and hence cannot readily be reflected in the file information structures (see stat(2)--use one of the on-line POSIX manual resources) used by Unix file systems. Modifying the name to have a leading period would be a ghastly thing to do.

Basically, what you suggest is not really feasible and you'll have to learn to live with this "defect."

Randall Schulz
Mountain Veiw, CA USA

At 09:01 2002-12-02, Wendell Pinegar wrote:
There seems to be a long running defect in the implementation of ls.exe.  It
shows windows system hidden files - which it shouldn't do by default.  On
Unix systems files are hidden by placing a period in front of the filename
(ie, .profile), but in the windows world files are not routinely hidden this
way but are more commonly hidden by setting the hidden attribute on the

Shouldn't ls.exe honor the file system attribute and not show the hidden
windows files?

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