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Re: HOME set to / [Was: cygwin-1.3.16-1]

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph Marcel <> writes:

    Joseph> So, potentially two issues: 1) HOME is set to /; 2) Id is
    Joseph> now that of my domain (jmarcel:unknown), and I think it
    Joseph> was Administrator:none (which I'm less concerned with, as
    Joseph> our machines are single user laptops/clients);

The following genuine fix worked for me:

    From: "Pierre A. Humblet" <>
    Subject: Re: HOME set to / [Was: cygwin-1.3.16-1]
    To: Eric Hanchrow <>
    Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 09:57:22 -0500

    When Cygwin regenerates the passwd file automatically it does not
    take domain users into account. You have to complete it manually
    as follows.

    First verify that mkpasswd works correctly in your domain by
    typing `mkpasswd -d'.  You should see your name appear in the
    list. If you work in a large institution you can limit the size of
    the output by typing `mkpasswd -d -u erich'.

    Assuming that goes well, complete the passwd file by 

        mkpasswd -d >> /etc/passwd

    Note the double >> . You can add `-u erich' if warranted.

    If the home directory in your entry of the passwd file isn't the
    one you want, edit the file and change that field.

    Currently when your name is not in the passwd file, Cygwin
    generates an internal entry with your username, a uid of 400 and a
    home directory set to HOME (if it exists) or / .

    Earlier versions were defaulting to the entry with uid 500,
    usually Administrator.  However that can lead to strange behaviors
    because internally to Cygwin your name was still erich (even if
    "id" was showing Administrator) and your sid (a very important
    Windows identifier) was not matching the one in the passwd entry.

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