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Re: telnet - connection refused (fwd)

Thanx for the location of inetd.

Now I am finding I cannot install inetd as a service because I presume I lack 
permissions even as an administrator. Unfortunaely i am in xp home and more 
complicated permissions are only possible in xp professional.

Is there any way around it?

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Subject: Re: telnet - connection refused 
Date:    Wed, 04 Dec 2002 20:47:10 +0000

inetd is in /usr/sbin .

c. kumar wrote:

I checked the inetutil documentation and checked my pc.s.

One of the pc's has inetd installed from an old version of Hummingbird
The other pc has no inetd installed at the xp service level at all!

However I cannot find any executable called inetd.exe in the /usr/bin in
either of the computers.

When I run iu-config, I find that all the configuration files are already in

So can I resolve it by finding latest inetd.exe for win32 and installing it
as a service?


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