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Re: [Mingw-users] Cygwin Full download in one big archive ?

Igor Gnip <> wrote:

>> Igor Gnip <> wrote... and I am replying cc:
>> <>
>> 1) You are highly unlikely to want to download every Cygwin package.
>> 2) What would you do to update one package in a hypothetical
>> "one-big-file" arrangement? Download everything again?
> Well,  first time EVER,  you download one big file - up to 700 mb that
> is ...
> then,  use (in this case smart and usefull)  web-update to download
> updated (and needed) packages ...
> in that scenario,   this "big file"  would contain web-setup.exe with
> added support for local instalation(from the hdd)  ...  and with
> configurable (stored in registry or ini file)   updates  directory
> where web-setup.exe would download new versions of packages as needed.
>> Files are named <package>-<version>-<release>.tar.bz2. Once a
>> particular file arrives on the mirrors, its contents should *never*
>> change. (It will, of course be deleted some time after it becomed
>> out of date).
> I have no problem with keeping-up-to-date  once I get all packages on
> my 80-gig HDD. The problem is first download only.  It is only
> logical to use web-update  ...  not  web-download-everything ...
> so perhaps  ...  if there is space on red-hat  server's hdd ...
> there could occasionaly  appear  cygwin-full-vx.xx.x.tar.bz2  ?
> containing all those pkgs ?
> - I know it is not up to you to decide this but is it possible ?

Impractical. As I said, almost 100% of people won't want 100% of packages.
Frankly, this odd method only makes the slightest sense in your unusual
situation (downloads constricted by number of files not file size).

>> That entirely depends on how much of it you want. The total set of
>> all current package versions and the corresponding source packages
>> comes to a modem busting 577MB.
> I _would_  like everything since I can't use linux atm. Too many
> components of my PC without drivers for linux ...  scanner,
> satelite-card, USR PCI modem...

tetex ? (Document processing system)
lilypond ? (Sheet music production)

Both multi-megabyte packages for very specialized requirements.

>> The 'Base' category (the minimum officially sanctioned install)
>> comes to 6MB, with no single package in that selection being more
>> than 1.1M (cygwin itself).
>> By trimming out packages whose presence in Base is questionable, I
>> get this down to 4.6MB. Still not that nice for a modem, though.
> That is not so much.  Maybe I will ask some of my friends with better
> phone-lines (in the central city area)   to download...   and pay
> their bills :)

Be aware that this is a severely minimal system, which will require adding
to if you want to do anything significant with it.


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