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Re: Can't run Macro Express from within Cygwin bash shell

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael A Chase <Michael> writes:


Michael> If it's a MSDOS/Windows executable, it won't know anything
Michael> about Cygwin paths.  Getting backslashes (\) right can be
Michael> rather tricky in a shell environment, so what I'd suggest is
Michael> something like this:

Michael>  # A DOS program won't understand Cygwin file specifications
Michael> mex=$(cygpath -w -a
Michael> /cygdrive/j/diesel/scripts/PerfmonMacros.mex)

Michael>  # Use a Cygwin path for the shell to find the program
Michael> "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MacroExe/meproc" /F$mex
Michael> /APerfMonInit

Your solution works with a local bash shell but not a remote one.  Any
idea why?  While logged in remotely, I can ls both the binary and the
macro file, so it's not a permissions thing, or I don't think it is

(never the easy questions)
Jack Twilley // Tier 2 Support Engineer // Brightmail Inc.
jtwilley at brightmail dot com

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