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Re: [Mingw-users] Cygwin Full download in one big archive ?

Richard Campbell <> wrote:

>> Impractical. As I said, almost 100% of people won't want 100% of
>> packages.
> It might be interesting to poll in some way, considering how often
> this comes up.  I suspect more than "almost 0%" might want a 1-button,
> overnight-style install.

This doesn't require one big archive. There is nothing stopping anyone with
a slow but flat rate connection from running setup, choosing everything, and
letting it get on with it.

>> Frankly, this odd method only makes the slightest sense in your
>> unusual situation (downloads constricted by number of files not file
>> size).
> I have every package selected, and as new packages appear I install
> them.
>> tetex ? (Document processing system)
>> lilypond ? (Sheet music production)
>> Both multi-megabyte packages for very specialized requirements.
> Got them both.  Haven't used either yet, but if I want to they are
> installed and up to date.

I have everything downloaded and kept up to date (but not installed). But at
no point would one big archive have been useful to me.


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