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Re: suitable cygwin subset question

>> So this all is a prelude to the question: What's the minimum subset of
>> stuff I need to move, and is it necessary to actually run a cygwin
>> installer (for registry setups, maybe???) or will simply putting
>> files in the "right place" work?
>Without registry entries, Cygwin won't know where / is - so the only paths
>that will work are /cygdrive paths.
>Installing a small set of packages with setup is probably the best option,
>but if you really don't want to do that, 'mount' should enable you to set
>the necessary info in the registry.
>Quite how this could cause Oracle code to hang, though, I have no idea.

OK, I did a minimal install on a machine without Cygwin, my program then

I then used regedit to delete the two sets of "cygnus solutions" registry
keys, and my program now no longer runs (properly).

so, maybe all I need to do is set the right registry keys.

Could someone "in the know" explain to me how to use mount to do that?



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