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Re: kinda apt-get ?

Hi Bob,

and thanks to all for your answers.

> I'm working on porting rpm to cygwin. With the ultimate goal of getting 
> apt4rpm ported, so you can use all the familiar apt-get operations.

Well , dpkg is already ported and included in the main distrib. Why
working on RPM ?

While dreaming on a complete apt powered cygwin distribution, i'm 
searching for a cygwin packages installer. I now think that it doesn't
exists and will be an easy perl hack ...

I'm not a C++ expert but the setup does that :

- download as mirror list
- download [selected_mirror]/setup.bz2 as packages list
- download packages found in setup.bz2 and selected
- unbzip it under /
- tar tjf $package_file | gzip >/etc/setup/${package_name}.lst.gz
- update the line $package_name $package_name 0 in the 
/etc/setup/installed.db ( i don't understand does the 0 mean )
- run /etc/postinstall/
- mv /etc/postinstall/ /etc/postinstall/

is it completed ?


PS : I'm no longuer member of the list (too much trafic). Please insert
my personnal email adress in reply.

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